Lazy 5 and poop

We woke up yesterday and Ella had a loose stool. I didn’t think anything of it other than her diet isn’t back to normal, so I figured going to Lazy 5 would be ok. Which it was, but I’ll come back to that later. I was putting her shoes on to get ready and she saw her lime green hat she got in FL. She grabbed it then started prancing around the living room putting it on and taking it off. I had to grab the camera because I figured there would be a few moments like this:

She wouldn’t let me leave it behind and had to take it with us. We met Morgan, Ari, Alice and Charlie at Panera Bread to pick up lunch for a picnic. When we got back in the car she threw the hat so that was the end of that. We got to Lazy 5 around 12 and the babies weren’t interested in food. We drove in Morgan’s car and I got to hold Ella while we were driving. Her and Charlie had fun sticking their heads out of the window. We had a few scary moments when emu’s or ostrich’s would stick their heads in the car. They are creepy! Ella was excited to see the zebra’s. When we were driving away she said, “bye bye zebra. bye bye ducks.” The ducks were the emu’s. I thought that was funny. After the drive we walked around the petting zoo part. The babies got way too hot.

Ella slept on the way home and we stopped by the grocery. She screamed most of the time we were in there and when we got home she had another upset tummy. Not again!!! I gave her some bread and puffs to snack on. Melanie came over to spend the night and I made us dinner. Ella ate some mashed potatoes and that was it. Then she had another bad tummy. She refused to go to sleep. I think it was around 10:30 when she finally stopped crying. Mel and I watched scary movies.

Mel woke me up this morning because she had to go to her moms. She went to get Ella up for me. It was past 10! When she picked her up I noticed poop all over her back, legs, clothes, crib and blanket. And her diaper still managed to be full. I stripped her down and Mel drew a bath. I finally called the doc because enough is enough! She wasn’t sure what it is, so she gave me a stool sample kit to take to the hospital once she went again. Can I just say, EWW! We came home and Judi said she would come help out. I then realized it was Prissy’s b-day and I totally forgot to go get her cake. Which I’ve done for 4 years and shouldn’t stop doing now that Ella is here. Ella pooped again and Judi was still an hour away. So we rushed to the hospital, dropped off the sample and then headed to get Prissy’s cake and made it home the same time as Judi. Hopefully her tummy is nothing to worry about and will go away very soon. I’m convinced if mom was home everything would be ok. 6 more days!!


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