So I’m so bored now that mom isn’t here. It’s been too hot to go outside and inside is getting pretty boring. Ella got up at 8:30 this morning and we ate breakfast and went back to bed. We slept until 12:30! Ella’s appetite wasn’t back yet, so she had just fruit for lunch. We cleaned a little and played around. Neil came over and took us to Olive Garden for dinner. Ella ate prob. 20 olives. I put one on her finger and she thought that was the neatest thing in the world. She kept sticking her finger in the hole and pointing her finger at Neil or in the air. It was hilarious! She ate her noodles and some green beans. So I was happy she was hungry. No bad diapers today, so maybe it’s over with! I hope. Neil hung out until 10 and that has been our day. We have gym tomorrow if E’s tummy stays normal. And I think the Thurman’s are coming down. So hopefully tomorrow will be more eventful.
Oh, I do have to rant for a second. I HATE these dogs. I got woken up to them barking this morning, woken up from our nap from Abby barking, woke up to piles of poop because they won’t go outside for me and Wickett won’t stay out of my room. He went under my bed and stayed there for 5 hours. He also sprayed on a few of E’s toys. I just hate them!


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