Christmas is over

Back into reality today. My dad still hasn’t gotten his check, so I’m officially broke. I spent my bill money in FL because he said he’d have my b-day money when I got back. He won’t call me back, so I’m assuming he doesn’t have it and is avoiding me. Guess I should’ve learned by now not to count on him for anything. I barely have enough $ to fill my tank up tomorrow. That stinks!!! Mom leaves Sunday, so I haven’t a clue what to do since I’m out of work until Aug. At least I had one stress free bill day yesterday!

I checked on Ella last night before I went to bed and realized she had a bad diaper. She woke up as I was changing her and stayed up until 1 am! She wanted me to read, so I couldn’t say no to that. We read her “Panda Kisses” book 5 times and every time it said, “kisses,” she’d give the book a kiss. It was too cute. She had another bad diaper this morning and none since. I talked to the doc and they said not to worry unless it’s been 5-7 days. And they actually told me to give her Sprite, Gatorade or Ginger ale. Umm, NO! I’m not giving her that much sugar, she’d be on a 24 hr. sugar high. I got her soy milk and some Pedialite and she’s on the BRAT diet. She’s been in good spirits today. We went to Babies R Us to pick up some snacks and diapers. I was really upset because I’m looking for reusable training pants. I found them online, but would rather buy them in a store than wait. This was before I realized I was broke today. Anyways, I can’t find them anywhere and I wanted to start potty training. I found out all of the disposable training pants have characters on them! Why do I want my 16 month old to know who the Disney Princesses are or Dora?? I guess the diapers have them too, but they are less noticeable and Pooh. It kind of irked me. Why start marketing to a toddler? I’m not anti-labels, but I’d rather Ella have wholesome toys rather than hyped up junk. I’ve been against character toys since day 1. I had wanted a Pooh nursery, since I had one, but then changed my mind. And even though Ella does have a Nemo fixation, which my mom pointed out. But that started when we were going to the aquarium a lot and her favorite fish was a clownfish. And that was before she watched Nemo. I then let her watch it and it became her addiction. That is pretty much my point. If she gets hooked on another character then that’s all I will hear about. Sorry about the rant. I’m just in a funky mood.

We got home from food shopping and E took a nap and I started playing. Here’s what I’ve done so far, minus 2 pages I might alter tomorrow when I’m not so tired. This isn’t like a normal scrapbook. It’s a photo album that I’ve altered. I’ll take a pic of the front once I’m done playing with it. The fountain layouts are my favs!


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