Feels like Christmas in June

After Ella woke up from her nap and we went to take a shower, I noticed 2 packages on my mailbox. My June kit club and the beach photo’s came!! So I’ve been inspired all night to scrap our trip. I’ve done 6 layouts so far and prob. will do one more before going to bed. I got this photobook while in Panama City that I’m turning into a mini book. Well, I guess it’s not a mini since there are 20 pages. I so need more stuff! Spoken like a true scrap addict. I’ll post pics tomorrow. It should be fun trying to take pics of it since it’s not a real scrapbook.

Ella’s tummy wasn’t upset today. She didn’t go, so I’m sure tomorrow it’ll either be bad or back to normal. We went to Walmart and got some gas stuff since she was still having those issues. The heat was too much to go out and play. Ella was flustered just by going to Walmart and the grocery. She took 2 naps and was gnawing on everything. I know her teeth are bothering her too. I’m so ready for this teething stuff to be over with. I’m sure she is too!

I got a letter from my insurance company today saying they will adjust my payments to what they were before!!! I’m so glad I pressed the issue. It would have cost me an extra $800 a year if I hadn’t refuted it. So things with my medical bills are taken care of and no need to stress about it anymore!! So it really was Christmas in June for me today 🙂


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