We’re back!

We are home. We had an amazing trip! The babies were awesome and I couldn’t have asked them to be any better. Well, besides last night. Sat. we went to Sea Side, which is a little town in a cluster of other little towns. When I say little I mean they are only a mile or two. We walked around and browsed all the high dollar shops. If only I were rich. They had some really cute clothes, but who’s going to spend $100 on an outfit whether it be for me or E?? We went to the fountains in Sea Grove to let the babies play. Of course it was opposite of what we thought would happen, Ella LOVED it and Ari wanted nothing to do with them. Ella had the time of her life. She was sooo happy playing with the older kids. She met this little boy, Shawn, who she played ball with most of the time. They were really cute throwing it back and forth. I wish we had fountains like that here because we’d be there every day if they did!
Sunday we went to Santa Rosa beach. It is outside of Sea Side. So we stopped to take pics along the way while the babies napped. Morgan is the best traveler in the world! She stopped the car any time we came across something cool and let me get out to take pics!! We finally got there and it was really crowded. Ella wanted nothing to do with the sand again. Ari loved every minute of it. He helped this little girl dig sand for her sand castle. Ella sat there and cried. She does love the water and waves. I took her out where it was kind of rocky and when we were walking inland she freaked out and started yelling “NOOO!” Go figure. We went out to eat at this Italian place that only had 2 high chairs and one was in use when we got there. Who is dumb enough to only carry 2 high chairs??? I got alfredo and is was really soupy. So Morgan shared her dish with me which was YUMMY! The manager was our waiter, so I was really pissed he didn’t discount my ticket since I didn’t eat my meal. Everything we ate the whole trip was high priced. I was shocked! We then went to watch the sunset over the beach in Palm beach. Ella actually stood on the stand and shot me a few smiles. We got the babies home and they went to bed. Morgan and I went out on the beach and hung out a while and watched the stars. It was nice. I miss the beach!!
Monday we woke up and packed our stuff since Morgan’s dad said he couldn’t take us to the airport Tues. Matt was flying into Fort Walton for a stay over, so we drove there to meet him. Morgan’s brother was supposed to live only 10 min. from Matt’s hotel, so we figured we’d stop by there and then head to the beach. Fort Walton was a little over an hour from Palm Beach and Crestview? was 45 min. from Matt’s hotel. So we basically spent the whole day in the car. Yuck! The babies weren’t too thrilled. We decided to head to the beach, but not go swimming. Of course Ella then decided it was ok to touch the sand and had a great time. So I got all bummed out we were leaving in the morning when she finally was having a great time. We got a hotel room where Matt was staying and decided to take the late flight back Tues. so we could go to the beach one last time. We then headed to Fudpuckers for dinner. This place was great! It was a fun place where the babies could act out if need be and no one would mind. It was a great atmosphere. We got back to the hotel and gave the babies baths and let them run around. Ari of course went straight to bed and Miss Ella decided she’d fall asleep around 10:30! I was sooo done! Then she woke up at 5:30 this morning and it’s just not been a fun day. She boycotted the sand again when we got to the beach. And Ari was really tired, so we only stayed an hour. We then got showered and headed to Destin to grab lunch and head to the airport. Ella was a brat on the plane. At least she didn’t cry, but she still pissed me off. I was so glad to be home to give her to mom so I could relax. I could have stayed in FL for another week, but it still is nice to be home. But we survived and had a blast. It went by way too fast. But I have 595 pics to remember the trip by. I’ll post my favs tomorrow. I’m ready for bed!!


One thought on “We’re back!

  1. I’m ready to go back… I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how we can swing another beach trip, maybe closer to home. I wish I were rich (or had a beach house)…


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