Bad blogger

Sorry it’s been a while. It’s been a rough crazy week. I found out some family news out that was pretty shocking. I’d rather not post it for the world to hear. But, it’s not good in any way. Ella has been very cranky and not her usual self. Mom went to Raleigh on Thurs. for an interview Friday morning. So I was by myself all day Thurs. and Ella was a terror. I fought her for 4 hours to take a nap. We had plans to meet my dad for lunch and mani/pedi’s, so she needed to go down. I finally called him to cancel because I couldn’t handle it. She woke up after only sleeping for 30 min. We ran a few errands and I stopped by the abc store for a martini night. Ella refused to go to bed, so I let her cry. I couldn’t take it any longer. Rachael came over and we had prob. too many martini’s, but yesterday I woke up renewed and in a better mood.
We went to story time at Joseph Beth and met Morgan, Matt, Ari and our new friends Michele and Sophia. We then had lunch at the mall and walked around. Ella slept in the car and then we met dad for mani/pedi’s and dinner. He was in a good mood, so we had a great visit. Ella was well behaved and her normal self.
Today we woke up and went to the local fresh market. They had tons of fresh-local produce. We also got tons of plants for the back yard. We came home and started prepping to plant. There were a lot of saplings that needed to be dug up and we transfered some other plants. I tilled up under the stairs and planted some wild flowers. Ella was a handful. She wouldn’t listen and kept getting into everything she wasn’t supposed to. Mom got stressed out, so it wasn’t really much fun. We got 2 blueberry bushes to plant which I’m excited about!
So mom found out she got the job and starts training June 9-20 in I think Ohio. So I might need some help from everyone with Ella. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it by myself. Well, she just woke up- again for the 4th time. I so need this vacation to FL on Friday!!!!


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