Stop- Go

So we about didn’t make it to gym today. Ella was in full force brat mode. I told her we couldn’t go see her friends or bubbles if she didn’t take a nap. She fought me hard. And I wasn’t about to drag a cranky teething baby to class. Not fun for me- or anyone else. After I gave up and decided we wouldn’t be going, she fell asleep. So I got ready and started getting her ready in her sleep. She woke up 30 min. later and we headed to class. This week’s game is stop and go. Ella really didn’t get it. So this evening we tried it on our own. We took our marcas and beat them on my big ball. I would yell stop, and we both would freeze holding the maracas in the air. 10 min. later she was the one yelling stop. It was really cute.
We came home after gym for lunch then headed to Target. I should have walked by the dollar spot, but got sucked in. They had Nemo bath mats, hampers, hand towels and other stuff for $2.50. So I just had to get them. I shouldn’t be allowed to go to Target or any scrap store alone. It’s just too tempting. We really didn’t do much else today. I made a welcome sign for our back door. Other than that, we’ve just played around. Ella is still a cranky butt. I saw her last 1 yr. molar is breaking the skin. So I’m blaming that on top of my nerves. Well, I’m going to get sucked into Criminal Minds. I’ll post pics later of all my new projects and mother’s day stuff.


One thought on “Stop- Go

  1. I missed Criminal Minds (I took another oreo bubble bath, er, eating oreos while in the tub)… I’m downloading the pics right now and will email them to you!


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