So Ella has been a brat all day. Getting into everything and when I say no completely ignoring me. She woke up at 7:30 and I put her in her crib. We got up at 8:30 did our morning routine and it was nap time and she wanted nothing to do with it. After 2 hours of fighting her, she succumbed. 45 min. later she was up and in a decent mood. We met Sarah and her daughter Mary Jane for lunch at Chick fil a. Ella had her first experience playing on the big kids outside play equipment. She got up all by herself, so I let her. I about had a heart attack her climbing the stairs. She was up there for 15 min. and stuck on the slide before she freaked out and Sarah went up to get her. Ella then turned back into a brat, so we left. We ran some errands then headed home. Not much else to report other than more tantrums. Hope everyone is having a better week than us!

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