We’re back

WOW! What a long weekend. I’ll start with Friday. We left for Kinston around 10. Ella yelled pretty much the whole 5 hours there. It was awful! She fell asleep 30 min. before we got there and woke up when we hit the gravel road. We played outside most of the day to keep her busy. She was scared of the horses. But she loved running around the farm.

We got up at 7:30 on Sat. and got ready to head to Greenville. She slept for 45 min. before we got to my Papa’s. Which I was scared she wouldn’t do. We hung out there for an hour then headed to Lynette’s. The whole family wasn’t there, again. I feel like we’re never going to all be together. It’s been since 2002!! My uncle Lenny and his family couldn’t make it. And my cousin Ashby was practicing ball. But, we had a great time anyways. Ella entertained everyone. She was such a good baby. She wasn’t too clingy, which I feared she would be. She loved my cousin Katie. I wish Katie wasn’t so busy so I could have her for the summer! But she is a fantastic dancer and violinist, so her summer is booked. We got back to the farm at 4 and Ella was in brat mode. Mom took over and let me have some alone time. So I edited pictures and developed a horrible headache. I put Ella to bed and then realized how bad my headache was. I took 2 tylenol and 4 muscle relaxers and it still was the worst headache I’ve ever had. I took the relaxers 2 hours apart, not trying to od or anything! I finally fell asleep to wake back up an hour later, still pounding. I could have drilled a hole in my head. I haven’t a clue what caused it.

This morning I was awaken by my grandmother’s scream that she had cooked breakfast- at 8:15. Now, some of you might be thinking, how nice. Well, for one, it was the first meal that was cooked the whole time we were there. (not complaining, since I’m not a country cooking kind of girl) Second of all, my grandmother sleeps until 12. Getting up before 10 never happens. She told us the night before we’d be lucky if she got up to say goodbye. Mom said she was up at 6 am starting breakfast. She was up because she was in manic mode. It was too much for Ella and too much for me. We packed as fast as we could and got out of there at 10:30. Ella passed out as soon as we hit the road. She slept for about an hour and was pretty happy until the last 2 hours. We all are very happy to be home! Well, I’m going to pass out. Hopefully we’re doing nothing tomorrow. I need a couch day! Hope everyone had a great mother’s day!


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