Uh oh

So instead of laying around today, I’ve been cleaning out of anxiety. Mom lost her job this morning. The guy she was working for was an idiot and let his employee’s run the show. He hired my mom to take charge and get the business to grow. Well, to get it to grow you have to work and these girls didn’t want to work. So they ganged up on mom and complained she was too hard on them. So, Ron thought it over and fired her this morning. SCARY! I feel so bad for her and wish there was something I could do. She has an interview in the morning for an agent position. She’s done with managing right now. I feel useless. I wish I could contribute more. But I don’t know how I could even get a part time job in the evenings. I couldn’t get to work until 6 and who would allow that? I know Morgan would watch Ella if needed, but she lives 45 min. from here and with gas prices being as high as they are, it wouldn’t be worth it. I just hate this happened… esp. now!
Ella is happy to be home. She’s destroying everything I just cleaned. Go figure. Her baby was bad today, so she put her in time out. It was funny. We’ve been watching Nemo for the past hour. She stopped the movie at the part she doesn’t like, then hit play and restarted it. I haven’t a clue how she figured it out, but she did. And she’s been re-watching it ever since. Well, I’m going to go finish up the laundry. Hope everyone had a better day than us!

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