So I really hate car trips by myself. Ella doesn’t count since she can’t carry on a full conversation. When I’m driving alone, I can’t stop thinking about Matt. I was singing my heart out to KT Tunstall and the song reminded me of Matt. So I start dwelling upon old memories. Then I see a church sign that says: Matthew. Then the next one says: Don’t listen to messages… So I try and block out my thoughts of trying to call his old cell number or emailing him. We got to Laurel Hill around 11:20 to visit with the Grands for an early mother’s day. I got to name a sweet baby girl puppy they are keeping. I had already thought of a name when I first saw her, so it was weird they asked if I wanted to name her. We are calling her Princess Isabella. Izzy for short. She really is a beautiful lab! We stayed until 2 and got home so I could finish up my mom’s present and card. Ella was in a funky mood all evening. Don’t know why since she slept the whole way home. She didn’t fall asleep until 10. Mom tried to get her down for an hour, then I tried for 30 min. We let her scream for 30 min. and then mom finally got her down. Very frustrating!! I wrote Matt an email thinking he might go to GA to see his mom for mother’s day just to get a mailer daemon sent back. So I’m bummed out. Guess I should have listened to the sign. You’d think after 2 years I’d be over it. But for some reason I just can’t get past it. Well, I’m headed to bed. We are driving to Kinston in the morning for a mother’s day weekend. I’m excited… yet dreading it. Who knows how Ella will take the 4 hour car ride. Have a great weekend if I don’t blog!


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