new toys

So Ella got some really cool new stuff! This morning the air guy came to fix the compressor and Judi had to come to town to ship off some pups. She had asked if I wanted to have some alone time, and with the scrap today, I was all for it. Well, the scrap didn’t start until 3, I misread the rules. So we met Judi at Toys R Us to get her new house since my stimulus check arrived. It was only for $600, which I don’t know why I didn’t get the max amount. Oh well. It covered the house and insurance for this month. We got her the picnic house and the pink flinstones car.
Plus a toy car and puzzle. Oh, and a baby bottle set up for her dolls. So she lucked out today! We went to lunch at Panera then headed home to put together her new toys. Whoever makes child toys should be shot or forced to come to your house to put it together. The house instructions didn’t come in English and only had a picture to show how to put it together. After putting the car together I was so frustrated, I didn’t put the screws in the house. I didn’t know where our electric gun was, so it’s up to mom tomorrow to finish it. The car kicked my butt. Judi helped out ALOT! But Ella was wanting to get into her car so she occupied her while I finished it. Ella had a stick and tried to put it in the screw to help. It was cute. Judi left around 5:30 and I was ready to play online. I just now got on to crop. The next challenge isn’t until 8.

I was told by Ella today, several times, that I wasn’t nice. She went down for a nap around 10:30 and woke up 45 min. later. I tried to get her back to sleep and she said, “NOT NICE!” I said what’s not nice and she said, “Mommy not nice!” She’s really putting words together. I’m thinking by June she’ll be talking in sentences. This morning when I put her in her crib because it was 8 and she was tossing and turning, she kept yelling, “want down! please! down!” She also is now putting trash in the trash can and able to put stuff back in its place. Like her tupperware and the candles she takes off mom’s coffee table.


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