So we went nonstop all day yesterday. We woke up and took a shower then headed to Babies R us to pick up a cart/high chair seat cover that matches Ella’s diaper bag. It’s beautiful! I had a crappy one and figured we have at least another 2 years in carts, so I splurged. Angela and Aiden met us there and then we headed to Eddies for breakfast. We then went to Gymboree. It was our first level 4 class. The old moms thought they were in the wrong class since we took over. Ari and Charlie moved up as well and the teacher was out sick with her daughter. Angela loved it so much she joined too! So Ella will get to be with all her friends every Wed. now! (Yes, she’s a bully) We then went to the mall with Angela to see her husband Carlos. He manages Sabbaro. I had to go to Gap to get a tank top since I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and was burning up. It was on clearance and prob. the best buy I’ve gotten in a long time. We got home around 3:30 and played outside on Ella’s new slide. I’m glad I didn’t buy one of those in the store and only paid $10 for it. It’s a rip off! It’s too small to do anything on and she doesn’t have enough room to walk on it without falling down the slide. So I had to stand there to make sure she didn’t topple over. Hopefully tomorrow my tax check will be here and I can go buy her the house. I want something she can play in that I can sit and watch her without worrying she’s going to get hurt. Neil got here at 5 and we then went to The Melting Pot for dinner. I told the lady I was allergic to shellfish and onions so she told me what had onions in it. We got a broth for our main course fondue and it was a veggie base. I was shocked it didn’t have onions in it, but after throwing up everything I ate, I’m sure it did. Neil or Ella didn’t get sick, so I know it wasn’t food poisoning. And everything was cooked properly. It wasn’t fun at all! I hate that all that good food came back up. It hit me immediately, so I know that’s what it had to be. I think next time I’ll go just for the chocolate fondue. Which is the best part anyways. I hate food allergies! It’s not fair!! Today we took it easy. We ran to the scrap store so I could get something special for mother’s day. I’m into the handmade stuff this year. I’ll be sure to take pics to post after mother’s day. Tomorrow starts my 72 hour crop!!!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to spend most of the weekend scrapping. I haven’t done a layout in 2 weeks. I’ve altered some stuff, but it’s not the same. Well, I’m off to bed. I’ve got to get up early to start the crop! 🙂


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