rainy day

So the rain ruined our plans of strawberry picking. There was a tornado warning this afternoon but fortunately it didn’t hit us. We met Morgan and Ari for lunch at Chick fil a. Ella ate and I snacked knowing we were going to have 5 Guys for dinner. We then ran to AC Moore to see if they got any new stuff in. They didn’t, which I guess is good for my bank account. We went by the pet store then came home. I made this while waiting for the Thurman’s to get here. The first is a chalk board from Target I altered.
The second is a glass dollar store frame I altered. The Thurman’s got here around 4. We had a wonderful visit! We went to 5 Guys which is always yummy. Then Judi made the best strawberry ice cream I’ve ever had! Ella even loved it. She’s not much into ice cream, but was begging for “more please.” They left around 8:30 and I put Ella to sleep. So it’s been a pretty good day even though our original plans fell through. Well, I’m off to bed. The air guy is coming to fix our ac in the morning. One more night of heat. Ick!


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