It’s over!

I’m so glad it’s Sunday! Yesterday killed me. Maybe not killed, but my feet hurt SO BADLY!! We worked in 86 degree weather from 8-2 then had to drive home in it. My car said it was 91 until we got into Charlotte. It was miserable! And I got sunburn and a farmers tan. Yuck!

On my way to work, I saw there were some yard sales going on in my neighborhood and they had a bunch of kid stuff. I called mom and asked her to go by and pick up this slide. She did and got some other goodies! So after work I came home and cleaned it so Ella could play.

I should have taken a picture of her as I was cleaning it. She was COVERED in mud. She was afraid of the hose but kept going up to it, then fell in the wet dirt. So I had to change her. She’s never been that dirty and she didn’t like it at all! We got cleaned up and she got to back and play. It kept her occupied for 30 min. and then she had enough.

I had to go back to work at 6 and worked until 11. We shot a community health black tie gala. I got all dressed up in hopes to find a hot doctor. But all were married and not so hot. I did get hit on by the bartenders and other help. But, I have high standards. šŸ™‚ I wore heels and that was a major mistake! Not only did we have to walk downtown with camera bags, up and down stairs, but once we got there we had to walk around the whole time. I don’t know what I was thinking! By 8 I was ready to take my shoes off. I got home at 12 and soaked my feet in ice cold water. They were so swollen. On top of that our air conditioner is broken and we are all miserable. Ella woke up as soon as I got home and stayed up until 1:30. She is already hot natured, so she is esp. miserable. So I allowed her staying up just this once. We laid around most of today. Ella woke up with an upset tummy. She’s been alright since then, so maybe it was something she ate. She’s been really good all weekend for mom, which I was really worried about. Esp. since I’ve worked 3 days in a row. I just cleaned the living room and am about to go make dinner. Hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m SOOOO glad it’s over!


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