Eventful day

So we went nonstop from 9 am till 6. We woke up and had breakfast then headed to dad’s to pick up the dog’s to get groomed. Dad gave me Ella’s birthday money, not much, but enough to get some clothes at gap!!! I still have yet to get my birthday gift. 😦 After we took dad home from the groomers we ran to South Park to the story time/ music time thing. I expected we’d be alone but it turned out Alice and Charlie were there plus 3 other mom’s I know from Gymboree. Ella played with a train set before the event began. She loved it. The last time she played with it, the trains were in her mouth. This time she was running them up and down the track and playing with all the other bells and whistles of the toy. It made me want to get her one. But, I realized I can’t get her everything she enjoys. Charlie had a toy car and Ella played with it for a while. I might have to go get some cars if I can find some that aren’t made in China. She enjoyed story time again, even though he doesn’t read a book but sings silly songs. I think we’re going to do it every week from now on. After that we ran to Gap and had a lot of fun shopping. She got 4 tank tops, 2 sets of pj’s and a dress. Oh, and these glasses. I couldn’t resist. I’m sure you can see why! After shopping we went to pick up dad and took him to run errands. He got a new monitor for his computer so we had to hook it up for him. We got home about 5:45 and the neighbors were out, so we chatted with them for a while. Mom got home at 6, so we cooked dinner, tried on clothes and Ella passed out at 7:45. She was a really good baby considering she only slept for 30 min in the car. Well, I’m beat and about to get ready for bed. I have to be at work at 7:30. It’s not a long day and hopefully we’re going to the gardens for Ella’s 15 mo. b-day. 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!!

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