No no

Ella’s first words today were, “sun shine.” My room was really dark and there was a ray of light in the hall way that she saw. So I gave her breakfast and took a shower and we got out of the house. We ran by Victoria Secret to look at this sweatshirt I wanted, and go figure it was gone. Well, they said to call back on Thur. to see if it went on clearance but they weren’t sure where it was. I knew I should have gotten it when I first saw it! It said, “Think Green Live Pink.” It was sooooo me. And I don’t own a sweatshirt, just 1 hoodie. We then ran by Babies r us to pick up some snacks for the trip. And to get a snack box & bigger sippy cup. Ella fell asleep on the way home and slept for 2 hours! She got up 15 min. before we had to leave for my shoot. The sun just came out in time for us to get on the road. When we got there I let Ella run around the field. She loved it! When I started taking pics she was quiet and just watched. I was so proud of her. I think Chris was shocked that she was as good as she was. He knows how she is when he calls me. We got home at 6 and I let her play outside a little longer. They are calling for more rain all week. 😦 Poor Ella. So on the way to VS we were listening to the “no no” song and I had my video camera in the back seat. I held my arm out on the passenger seat and took this video of her singing. She’s either going to be a singer or dancer when she’s older… She is too much!



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