So we’ve had a busy, but decent week. The weather has been awesome, so Ella has insisted we be outside. She constantly says, “side, side.” I found a playhouse I want to get for the back yard, but have to wait until we get our tax check in May. It’s really cute! For now, we have a plastic sand box filled with balls and 2 small chairs. We have our neighborhood park, but it’s really for older kids. We met Morgan and Ari out there Wed. and it was scary trying to keep them from falling. I’m working all weekend… yuck. It rained while we were out there today which really sucked! The wind was blowing and it was COLD! I can’t believe yesterday we were in tank tops and today in jackets. It’s not right! I just hope my b-day weekend will be nice. Morgan, Ari, Rachael, Ella and I are taking a trip to Charleston that Monday. My actual b-day. I’m excited!!! I need to get out of town and do something fun. We went for my b-day 3 years ago and it was awesome. I just wish mom could go! Well, I’m going to watch a movie and go to bed. Hope everyone had a great week! I’m posting Ella’s silly pics of the week. She’s nuts.

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