Horton Hears a Who… and everyone else hears Ella

Last night was awful! Ella tossed and turned all night. Finally at 1:30 I take her to her bed because I couldn’t take it any longer. She falls asleep and 15 min. later wakes up again screaming mommy. So I go get her and bring her back to bed. She tosses for another hour, so back to her bed she goes. She screamed for an hour and I couldn’t take it any longer. Finally we both fell asleep until 9.
I was SO TIRED! I didn’t want to stay around the house and have her in a grumpy mood, so I thought going to the movies would be a relaxing adventure. I’ve been wanting to see Horton Hears a Who since I saw the previews 3 months ago. So we went not realizing kids were out of school today. I got a free coupon for popcorn and a drink, so the adventure cost $6. Not bad. Ella watched the previews and was really good, so I thought it was going to be all good. As soon as the movie started she wanted out of her stroller. I let her down and she was all over the place. She stood up in the seat and turned around to wave and say hi to everyone. She ran in front of the screen and yelled ball every time they showed the little spec. I didn’t want to leave because it was such a great movie… looking back, I should have. She screamed twice and we walked out to regroup. I def. won’t be doing that again for at least another year. I don’t know what I was thinking. We then ran to the pet store and headed home. Where she’s been screaming ever since. Hope everyone had a good Monday.

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