So Ella has been a 3 yr. old all day. We went to Southpark to meet Angela and Aiden. We got them out of their strollers to let them play on the carpet (in the middle of the mall) and she wanted it Ella’s way. She kept wanting to push Aiden’s stroller and when I took it away she started screaming and throwing a fit. This continued throughout the day. They played well at the Joseph Beth book store, so it wasn’t too bad. It was a nice visit and we need to do it more often. They really do love one another. Aiden wanted to hug her so badly when we met them, and finally he got his hug and her oooeee. Where was my camera when I needed it! We came home and some hot guy was walking by handing out flyer’s for tree services. I asked for a quote to remove our dead bushes and they came back an hour later and got them up. I was too much of a wuss to ask for his number. We need more work done to the yard, so maybe I’ll get another chance. We played outside for a while until Ella kept eating sticks and got mad that I wouldn’t let her. We came inside and she pitched a few more fits. We went to 5 Guys for dinner because I had no energy to cook. She wasn’t too bad, but had a mini fit when she tried to get out of the stroller. Mom wanted to go by Home Depot and I didn’t feel like taking her home to be a brat there… so we went. I put her on my shoulders to occupy her and got kicked in the eye and my hair pulled. Oh, and slapped in the face a couple of times. We got home and it was thankfully bedtime. But she fought me for 45 min. so it wasn’t all fine and dandy. Hopefully tomorrow the tantrums will have gone away… if not… I might run away 🙂


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