2 years and counting

So today marks 2 yrs. since Matt and I split. It’s been a sad day, but not anymore sad as I’ve been for the past 2 months. I can’t express how much I miss him and wish this hadn’t happened to us. There’s not a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought about him. I wish I could just talk to him or give him a hug. My heart is broken and it sucks. 😦 Well, my highlight of the day has been I fit into my skinny pants! Well, I couldn’t fit into them 3 months ago. So that’s good enough! I want to lose 5 more pounds and tighten up and I’ll be happy. Not a unrealistic goal. Woody and Judi came down for a nice visit. They brought wonderful Easter presents. I don’t know how they knew our favorite flowers, but they did. I got purple tulips and I don’t know what the flowers are called they got mom, but they have my living room smelling really good! Ella got the Little People super market, which she thinks tastes really good. We went to Ruby Tues. for dinner. I ate too much, but it was good! This was the first time we’ve seen them in a month! The longest we’ve gone since E was born. We got to watch Enchanted today. It’s really cute! I wish we would have gone to see it in the theatre. Ella danced to all the songs they sang. Well, my head is starting to hurt again so I’m going to hop off. It’s been a rough couple of weeks… months… years… maybe one day it’ll all work itself out and I’ll get my happily ever after…


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