So being up at 4:30 yesterday wasn’t fun at all! We spent more time driving than at the actual shoot. We got there and it was foggy. Chris wanted to go ahead and set up outside when it looked like it was about to rain. Well, a major storm hit as soon as we set up so we had to pack up and go inside. By the time we set up, the storm had passed. Then some of the teams complained and wanted to go outside. It was a huge pain! Games started up, so where we were going to take the pics was taken over by the mass that left the gym, so we shot toward the street. Passing cars posed a problem. Anyways, we got home at 3. Ella was good for mom but was horrible for me. I guess it was payback. We relaxed most of today. I’ve been a bit down. But I don’t feel like getting into that. Mom worked outside so we ran to the store for her. I went to pick up a prescription and found out my insurance has lapsed. I paid it 30 days late, 8 days before it was supposed to terminate and somehow it still did. And of course I couldn’t talk to anyone because it is Sunday…. ARGH…. Well, I’m going to finish watching this show and go to bed. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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