Dreading tomorrow

I have to be up and be at Chris’ house by 5:20 a.m tomorrow. 😦 That should be illegal. We are driving to Greenwood, SC. NO FUN!
I babysat Ari this morning while Morgan & Matt went to the doctor. They were really good. Ella was being very bossy though. She would yell his name and tell him no no when he was just playing with one of her toys. I can’t imagine how she’s going to be when she’s 3. I’m in so much trouble. Ari was sitting in her favorite chair, so she decided to join him. I have to share these, they are too cute:

That’s Ella giving oo-wee. When Morgan and Matt got back we met our friend Danica and her daughter Isabella at the park. They were so cute running around together. Ella almost got bit by this little boy. She was in one of those tubes you crawl through and the little boy came in on the side Ella was trying to get out off. She pointed at him and he opened his mouth and was about to bite down when he saw me giving him dirty evil looks. He then closed his mouth abruptly. I’ve about had it with the mom’s in this park not looking after their kids. We ended up leaving and going to get lunch at chick fil a. Ella ate all of her fruit and 3 nuggets. Little piggy! We left and came home for a nap. Then we really didn’t do much else. I’m about to go to bed. I can’t believe I have to be up so early! Wish me luck

One thought on “Dreading tomorrow

  1. OH – MY – GOODNESS ….. HOW cute are these photos of Ella and Ari ?! I love the one where she has her head on his shoulder ! Very cute. Have a great weekend !


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