So nothing this weekend has gone as planned. Yesterday I was supposed to spend the day with Synthia. I had an appointment to get the dogs groomed, so I went and picked up dad and he offered a pedicure when I picked him back up. So I talked to Syn and she said go get my nails done. Ella was in a bad mood. She screamed half the day. Partly it was my dad, because she just doesn’t like him. I think it’s the high level of energy he puts off. She is very energy sensitive. As we waited to go get the dogs, my friend Wil came over to visit. Ella didn’t want anything to do with him either. So finally it comes the time to get my dad and go figure he’s asleep. He renigs on the pedi and says lets go to 5 Guys. So Ella is crying the whole time and he’s being his usual self so I wish I had just spent the day with Syn as I had planned. If you saw my feet, you’d understand why I opted to hang with my dad. Petty, I know. I did get to go hang out last night, so I’m happy I got to spend more time with her since she went home today.
So today we were supposed to go to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden to have Easter pics taken with live bunnies and go on a Easter egg hunt with Peter Rabbit and friends. The weather nixed that idea. So we hung around the house. Ella played with her toys and read a few books to herself. It was pretty cute. Mom wanted to get out of the house so we went to the pet store to figure out why we are losing fish, to Michael’s and the grocery store. I need to do a water change since I have some ammonia. We lost 5 neon’s, the angel and a danio. But it’s still up in the air if it was the water or one of the fish is aggressive. I spent $10 at Michael’s since I had some cash my dad gave me for Ella’s pics today. I got some new paper and decorated a tea box for fun. It turned out amazing! I wanted to scrap but didn’t feel like getting all my stuff out. So I did a little project that I like so much I’m going to make more for gift boxes. Melanie brought my love seat back, so I redecorated the living room. I guess I got Spring fever. It looks good. A little cluttered, but I’ll get used to it. Well, hope everyone is having a great weekend.


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