So Ella is a mess- what’s new. This morning I was cleaning upstairs and hanging butterflies in her room and I shut my door and had the gate closed. She was quiet for a while so I went looking for her. I peeked into my room, didn’t see her, looked in the closet & laundry room, didn’t see her- then I heard, “uh-oh,” coming from my room. I looked all over and found her behind my headboard. She looks up at me and goes, “uh-oh.” Little stinker. We were supposed to meet a friend for lunch- but as usual something came up for him and he didn’t make it. So we went to see Morgan and Ari so the babies could play outside. I decided I’m going to get Ella a play gym for outside instead of a house. She wasn’t that interested in it and rang the door bell more than anything. I think she’d get more use out of a slide & other stuff. Morgan is getting one this summer. So I think once I get my refund I’ll look around. We played outside for an hour. Ari was in his Flinstone’s car- the little red car that you move with your feet- and Ella decided she wanted in with him. She got in and was standing beside him. Ari closed the door then Ella weaseled her way behind him. Ari got mad and got out after that. Morgan took some pictures. I’ll post them once she sends them. It was too funny. That was basically our day. The girls are going out tonight and it stinks I have no money to join them. I hate that I’m missing out! Well have a good night!


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