70 degrees

So I woke up with another headache. Yuck! But it went away by lunch time. I got into mom’s change jar and got enough money to go get 5 Guys. I walked to the counter and told the guy, “you’re gonna hate me, I’m paying in quarters.” Oh, well. We had a wonderful lunch. After we ate, we went to the park to enjoy the day. It was packed full of snobby witches. I’m trying my best to keep this G rated. You get my point. There were a few women I was about to smack, so we left and I took Ella to the park in our neighborhood. One boy was stepping on Ella’s hand as his mother just stood there watching. So I yelled at the kid and she shot me an evil look. I walked away before it got ugly. The park in our neighborhood is designed for older kids. It was too nice not to be outside. Ella went down a tube slide by herself and as I was running to catch her, she fell out of the shoot. She didn’t cry and said, “slide.” So I put her in the slide, held her arm as I got down and then she leaned back and hit her head. So we tried one more time and I was able to catch her when she went down. We didn’t try it again. I took a few pics of her outside because she looked too cute today.
I love this outfit! I can’t wait for spring!!!!!


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