dreary day

So my shoot was canceled again due to the weather. Not fun. I have to take the pics outside because the lighting really stinks in their office. And photoshop isn’t good enough to correct it. Or I just suck at it. I did get a call from someone who saw my site and wants some interesting pics taken. Def. something new for me. But, hey, I need the $ in the worst kind of way!
Ella has been a stinker butt all day. She’s been into everything and pitching a fit when I say no. It’s not cute at all. She has found my scrap pile, which shouldn’t be there and is my fault. But she needs to learn not to mess with things when told no. She took 2 naps today, which she hasn’t been doing the past 2 days. And I paid for it tonight. She just fell a sleep… it’s 10:15. She fell a sleep for a quick minute then woke up and said, “pee pee… potty.” So I took her over and she went potty. Which was the first time for the day. Then she refused to go back to sleep. She was really good at going to the potty on Sat. I think she went in her diaper twice the whole day. Then Sunday she didn’t tell me and yesterday she went a couple of times. I’m not pushing it. But if she can say potty and pee pee and understand it, then she can tell me when she needs to go. I’m thinking by the time she’s 16 mo. she’ll be potty trained. Well, we have class tomorrow and hopefully Morgan is coming over to scrap. I have 2 layouts in mind. 🙂


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