Paid off

So it paid off to be hooked on A cherry on top for the past 2 days. I won 234 points, which means 800 more and I get some free stuff. Plus, the really cool part, we had to create a wish list and pick a item under $5 we wanted. So I made a b-day wish list (or maybe if I get extra tax $) and picked this new Razzleberry scrapbook paint. The girl sent me a message asking me my address and she’s shipping it out tomorrow! I never win anything. I entered 3 challenges. I’m sure I won’t win, but at least I’m trying. I looked at some of the other people’s stuff and was in awe. But I know with time, I will be able to get there. So Ella has had a good day. We slept in pretty late and she played with her toys the rest of the day. She skipped her nap, so hopefully she’ll be asleep in 15 min. She had her first choc. chip cookie tonight. I made my peanut butter cookies. She approved. Mom and I are both feeling better. I think I just have a mild sinus infection or it’s allergies. I didn’t take any medicine today and I feel much better not being clogged. Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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