No work this week

So I’m a bit bummed… My shoot this week got canceled. One of the girls came down with the flu. Which stinks for her and stinks for my bank account. I don’t work with Classic again until March 15. So it will be fun trying to find a way to come up with bill money. Anyone need pictures taken??? 🙂 Anywho, we went and hung out with Morgan and Ari today. We got some scrapping done, which I’m pretty happy with. Ari and Ella played very well together. They were constantly over one another’s shoulders. They were very cute!
So, Ella has been refusing to sleep for the past 3 nights. She’s gone to bed after 10 the past 2 nights. NOT FUN! And I’m too worn out to fight her. Mom still isn’t feeling well, so I haven’t had any time without her. Well, she woke up grumpy as could be this morning. I still hadn’t taken her 13 mo. pics yet, so I thought I’d try and if I failed, oh well. I got some of the best pics of her!
Her head looks too big for her body on the 2nd pic, but I love her expression! That’s what happens when you have a baby walking toward you. Hence the rocking chair! I need someone to help the next time I want to take pics. It’s too hard doing it on my own! Anywho… we’re just taking it easy this weekend… hope everyone is doing well!


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