I woke up with the spring cleaning disease. I didn’t get everything done, but it was a start. The downstairs has been super cleaned, but it doesn’t look like I did anything. I got the playroom organized and baby proofed. And that was about it. So I had a real scare today. I went upstairs to get water to fill the aquarium and I left Ella downstairs. The gallon jug I had filled started leaking, so I had to dump it and clean up the mess it had made. Then I got a pot to fill and as I was walking to the stairs, I hear Ella making noises. It sounded like she was upstairs. I get to the door and there she is climbing up the last step. I freaked out. She has only tried once to get upstairs and made it one step. She gave up after that and fell backwards. I can’t believe she actually got up that many. I can’t say how lucky I am she didn’t fall. So from now on, I will be using the baby gate. We went to Target to get some stuff. Ella got some cute clothes. We got 5 new fish today! We got 2 more Yo yo’s, 2 Rainbow Sharks and an Angel. It’s starting to look more like a fish tank! I like it. Thursday we’re getting a school of Neons. And then we’ll be done for a while. Well, hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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