Have I ever said how much I loathe this Hallmark holiday? To us single people, it’s a slap in the face… that stings all day. I was in the car a lot today, and almost every car I passed, there were balloons or flowers. It sucked. It made me miss Matt. He gave me 5 great valentines days. Other than that, the other 22 have been cruel cruel days. Last year, Perry started his crap. Before Matt, Chad broke up with me. Actually, that happened twice on V-day. I was given another girl’s jewelry on v-day and it was seen by her that night. Then there were others that just ended up sucking because of something. I’ve had no luck on this day. And being single on it, makes it a lot worse. No flowers or Godiva. How I miss coming home to that. So ba-humbug!
But aside that, it’s been a fair day. We got up and Ella played with her toys. I took her to Rachael’s so I could go get a massage. It was nice and very relaxing. I’m in a bit of pain from it, but it was worth it. We then went to Morgan’s for a bit. I got to see her cool new stuff from CA! Then we went to Fresh Market and got some stuff for dinner. I made choc. covered strawberries, cheese ravioli with meat & alfredo sauce. It was good! So if I don’t think about it being v-day, it wasn’t so bad. If I think about it being v-day, it was depressing. Ella got a Little People carriage from me and cards from everyone else. So nothing special for her either. Well, I’m going to watch another movie. I’m blah…


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