Back to normal

I worked on Sat. taking basketball pics in Pineville. My friend Aubry, who used to work at PP, came with me and got hired! I’m excited I’ll be working with her again. After the shoot, I went with Chris, his wife and Erin to Fox n the Hound for a drink and lunch. I don’t remember the last time I was at a bar during the day. And it’s been at least 5 months since I was at a bar! After lunch I went and stocked up on Girl Scout cookies they were selling on the corner. I got home and Ella was being a brat. She had a busy day with mom and Carol. Carol drove through on her way to Greenville and stopped by for lunch. Ella missed her afternoon nap, so after I got home we took a nap. Rachael and Steve came over for dinner. I made lasagna. Ella loved it! She stayed up way too late playing with Steve and Rach.
Sunday the Thurman’s came down for brunch at Eddies and a quick trip to the park. It was really windy, so we didn’t stay long. After they left and Ella woke up from her nap, we (Priscilla included) met Rachael and Steve at Canine Cafe for Roxy’s birthday. Roxy is Rach’s boxer. We got a doggy cake and went to her parent’s house to have a puppy party. Priscilla stood her own ground for being 20 times smaller than both dogs. Rachael’s mom has a huge german shepard. Priss would bark at him when he got too close or bite his lips when he smelled her. It was too funny. Both big dogs were more scared of her than she was of them. We then came home and I cooked dinner. Mom made some spinach and gave some to Ella. The first time she picked it up, put it in her mouth, took it out and threw it on the floor. She got in a lot of trouble for throwing food. Then mom said to give it to her in a spoon and she’d eat it. I tried again and she took it out of her mouth and put it on the tray giving a horrible face. Then she nonchalantly picked it up, threw it on the ground and said, “dog.” I cried I laughed so hard. I wish I could have gotten it on tape. She is sooo my daughter. She was like, this is dog food, not for Ella. šŸ™‚ Too funny!
We went and got 3 new fish today! They are red Danio’s. Ella is sleeping, so she hasn’t seen them in the tank yet. Hopefully we are going out to dinner with my dad tonight. But, I’ll believe it when I’m sitting in front of a steak. I put E’s hair in pigtails today. Here are a few pics!


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