We have 3 fish!

Yea! We have 3 new fish!!! We got 2 Yo yo loaches and a algae eater. Monday we can get 3 more! What a slow process this has been. I’ve never taken this much time for freakin fish. Not even my salt water tank. I said to mom today that we should have just gotten her hamsters.

Ella woke up at 7:30 today and I wasn’t having it. I made her stay in bed and at 8:30 she fell back asleep. So I stayed in bed until 9:15 and got ready for gym class. I woke her up 20 min. later and we headed out the door. She drank her milk on the way and we got there just in time. When we got there she yelled “hi!” to let everyone know she was now there. She is too funny. She walked ALL OVER the place. She did everything she wanted to do. It was cute. She clapped to the songs and patted the ground when she was supposed to during songs. She got so proud of herself she screamed, “yea!” every time she did something right or cute. She is quite full of herself. But it’s her personality and I wouldn’t change it for the world. After class we came home and picked mom up. We went to Eddies for lunch then ran to the petstore. I was holding a hamster to Ella’s face and she would laugh when the wiskers would touch her face. Then she screamed and the hamster jumped into the stroller. It was too funny. I was able to catch it after it ran around her and started to jump out. We got home and put the fish in the tank. She was so excited to finally see something swim around. She calls the yo yo loaches, “yellow!”

I worked tonight, the last night!!! I’m so glad I don’t have to do that again for a while. I miss being home with my baby. I do work Sat. but then I’m off for a week. Then I think I work one more day, then off until March 15. Which kind of stinks and I’ll be broke during March. 😦 Well, I’m going to spread out on the couch and relax. My back is killing me and I’ve had spasms all night. Not fun!

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