I’m ready for Spring!

Today was beautiful! I wish it would stay like this every day! We took advantage of the weather and went to the park. When we got there, Ella started telling everyone, “hi, hello.” Then she started blowing kisses at the boys that were climbing next to her. Then she did her shriek-squeal. It was like she was saying, roll out the red carpet- Ella is here. Morgan, Matt and Ari then met us out there. It was Ari’s first time at the park and he loved it. Ella hasn’t been since she can walk on her own and boy was it a different experience. She wanted to do what all the big kids were doing. She climbed up her first step. She tried walking down a step. Fortunately I was there to catch her. Then all the big kids were walking over this bridge that moves and Ella took off after them and scared me to death. There was a huge gap from the bars to the steps and if she fell, she would have gone through. She is growing up too fast! I can’t get over how big of a change it’s been in the past 3 weeks. She’s lost her baby face and is growing into toddler-hood. I worked for 2 hours tonight. I won’t get into it. But apparently I didn’t hide my bitchiness too well and came off kind of sharp to one of the coaches. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I guess I can’t hide my feelings too well. Tomorrow we have gym and it’s supposed to get really nasty in the afternoon. They are calling for a bad storm. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s again. But it looks like we won’t be enjoying it like today.


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