So today was an interesting day. I didn’t do anything I planned on doing other than watching the football game. But I’ve been playing on the computer and glancing at the score.
I took some V-day pics of Ella this morning. I’m SOO glad I’m only doing this once a month and on holidays. It was impossible to get her to stand still! Here are a few sneak peeks… I’m not going to email them until V-day.

Morgan was coming over today to scrap and we ended up meeting her at Michael’s. They got in a bunch of new lines and it was scrap heaven. But, I was very good! (only cause I’m broke) Then we went to the pet store and I was told we can get fish on Wed.!!!!! That’ll be 7 weeks of running water without fish. That’s what I get for putting those rocks in. Well, we came back to the house and tried to take Ari’s pictures. I got 4 cute ones. He was on the run like Ella was. He was tired, so Morgan put him in Ella’s crib. We don’t know if he didn’t fall asleep or woke up and realized Morgan wasn’t there. But he got scared and wasn’t a happy camper. So they left early so he could get a nap. I finished my cropaddict challenge. Here it is. Wish me luck!

While Morgan was here, Perry called. It threw me off big time. I wasn’t expecting it to be him. His mom has almost the same cell number and I thought it was her. So I told him to call me back cause Morgan was here and I wasn’t about to have a uncomfortable conversation with her in the room. Well, he never called back. Go figure. I texted him to see what he wanted, but that is the extent I’m willing to go. Steve said he thinks he’s calling for his AA steps and making amends. I haven’t a clue, but I’m not really in the mood to be dealing with this. I’m in a boys suck mood and I’d like to stay there for a while.
I went and hung out with Rachael for an hour to get out of the house. Then came home and made some of the best wings I’ve ever had. Other than Hooters wings. And for some reason no one will go to Hooters with me to get wings! Well, I’m going to catch the last few seconds of the game!


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