6 am is just wrong

I don’t know how people get up at 6 am. It’s dark outside. It’s cold. The bed is warm, shouldn’t get out of it until at least sunrise. But that’s still early. Anyways, I left the house at 6:30 and there were people actually jogging and riding their bikes, in the dark! That is just insane to me. I stopped by Starbucks, because this was the first morning I’ve been up that early without my stomach churning, and got my caffeine fix. As the guy was putting caramel in the coffee, the top popped off and into my coffee. So, I figured that was the kind of day I was going to have and prepared myself for the worst. I got to the shoot at 7 and felt nauseated as soon as I walked in the school. I know it was the lights. So I tried not to think about it and started setting up. We put the backdrops up and then realized the back door that everyone was supposed to come through, was locked. So I went to get my screwdriver and we tried to jimmy the lock to no avail. So Chris, the bossman, left to his other shoot and we were pretty much screwed. We had 3 teams come in pretty much behind the backdrop before a coach who worked at the school came in and let us in through his office. The backdrop is about 10 feet high, 15 feet wide. So it took up the whole locker room we were in and they had to squeeze in before the problem was fixed. After that, almost every team was 10-20 min. late. Some even an hour late. There was no order and lots of chaos. But we managed and no one got hurt. There were 15 teams. I got off around 3:30 and was ready to be home! Mom said Ella had a rough morning without me. She was still asleep when I left and woke up 2 min. after I was gone. It broke my heart to hear she was so upset. It makes me not want to leave her. I know I have to, but still. She was asleep at 7:30 tonight! I guess all the crying wore her out! So after being at this middle school today, it made me want to put Ella in private school even more. The lights started it when I walked in and felt sick. I don’t see how any child is supposed to learn/concentrate under that kind of lighting and pale environment. It was like a jail cell. (no, I’ve never been in one personally, but ones in the movies) Then there was f*ck and b*tch written on the walls and lockers. In the main hallway! This is a middle school in a nice neighborhood! Not some crummy one in the ghetto. Why not paint over them? The school was dirty and the floor looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in weeks. The classrooms were icky. I was appalled. They had sex education stuff posted everywhere in the hallways. Which is fine, but they took it to another level. There were drug facts, which a few were wrong, in the halls. I just didn’t like it. And there’s nothing writing the school board can do. They need more money and that’s just a simple fact. They just added more classrooms to this school and it’s sad they couldn’t fix the ones they have. Ok, enough complaining. It just really bothered me. If I had gone in there, if it was Ella’s school, I would have pulled her out. I’m not going to shelter her by any means, but that’s not the message I want her to have from school. Well, tomorrow Morgan and Ari are coming over to scrap some!! I’m excited. I’ve been working on Ella’s bday book and I’m really happy with it so far. I’ll post some pics tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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