My dad sucks once again

You think after 28 years of putting up with my dad’s crap, I’d get used to it. But no, he still gets under my skin and infuriates me! He couldn’t make it to Ella’s birthday party because his back was out, his throat was sore, he had a tooth ache and something else. Well, ok, whatever. You didn’t make it. But every day for the past 2 weeks he’s made dinner plans with us and canceled because of some new reason every night. I finally flipped out tonight because he’s supposed to be going to the beach tomorrow. And if he can go to the beach tomorrow, why can’t he go to dinner tonight? It’s not like you have to exert all this energy to eat food. Thank goodness Ella isn’t of an age to understand this and has no concept of going out to eat or birthdays. But if he can’t shape up and start living a normal life, when Ella does get to the age of understanding, we won’t be around. I semi-understand (addictions ruin relationships)but a child won’t. So I’ve spent most of my day waiting to go out to dinner to get let down at 4. Since 4 I’ve been pretty irate and ready to go smack him.

We’ve been taking it easy the past 2 days. Morgan’s neighbor’s house burned down Tues. night and the whole thing has her pretty shaken up. The neighbors are ok, but they lost 2 dogs and their house. Very unfortunate, but they have insurance and will be able to rebuild. It def. has me thinking about getting a fire plan in tact! So we skipped class yesterday and opted to sleep in since Morgan and Ari wouldn’t be there. Rachael and Steve came over last night and played with Ella. Before we went to bed last night, I was taking my medicine and Ella stood up behind me, leaned over my shoulder and said, “momma, what you doing?” I about freaked out! She is too much! We tried to sleep in again today, but the dogs woke us up barking at 9. We went to AC Moore to get a album and haven’t really done much since. Well, I’m going to scrap some now that Ella is asleep.


One thought on “My dad sucks once again

  1. I am so sorry I didn’t get to call you back yesterday… I just emailed you. I’m undecided about Columbia this weekend. While I could use a break I don’t know if I want to leave the house empty. I know, I’m completely paranoid! I’ll call you today, promise!


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