pretty good week so far

So we slept in until 9:45 today! Ella woke up at 7:30 and I got her back to sleep. When she woke up the last time, she sat up and looked at me and said, “please, all done, please, all done.” And she did the hand wave she does when she’s done eating. It was the cutest thing! So we got up and she had her milk & O’s. We then got ready because Morgan & Ari were supposed to come over for pictures. But Ari was having a meltdown, so they couldn’t make it. We took advantage of being ready and went to Babies R us. Ella saw a butterfly teether that Ari has and was pointing at it. I let her hold it and told her if she said please she could have it. The lady was checking us out and scanned the last item and she hadn’t said it, so I put it back. She then started saying, “please, please, please.” So I had to get it for her. We then went to Rachael’s to wait for mom to get done with her interview so we could go to lunch. Rachael was playing Bob Marley and Ella started dancing with Benny the bird. She then got mad because Benny wasn’t talking to her like she normally does. So Ella started yelling at Benny, while pointing her finger, and then made the bird sound and started saying something else then ended with “bird.” It was hysterical! We then met mom at 5 Guys. Ella fell asleep afterwards and I let her sleep for 45 min. in the car. She’s not been falling back asleep after getting her inside, so I didn’t want to risk it. We then ran to the grocery store and came home to watch Nemo. Which Ella freaked out over.
The past 2 days we’ve been over at Morgan’s scrapping away! I’m really happy with 3 pages. One I’m going to redo tonight. It’s ok, but I want all of them perfect. I’m working on Ella’s bday album. Morgan is such an inspiration. I hope my stuff will someday be as good as hers. I know I’m just starting to do her style and it takes time. But she really is awesome. Sunday night the Thurman’s came to visit. We went out to Chili’s and celebrated Ella’s bday. She got some cute Disney stuff from them. Woody brought TONS of wood. If it wasn’t 9, I’d light a fire now that I remembered it. Tomorrow we have gym and hopefully Morgan will come back over afterwards and go to Hobby Lobby with me. I need a new album for Ella’s bday pictures. It’ll be album #13. Sorry I won’t be taking pictures every week now. But, events, holidays and monthly I will. Well, I’m going to scrap.


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