So we didn’t go to Chuck E Cheese yesterday. I checked my bank account and realized I was broke and Ari wasn’t feeling well, so we are going to try and go next week. Fortunately mom still took me to the book store to get the book my doc was telling me about and a vaccination book. I read most of the vaccine book last night and am totally glad I haven’t allowed Ella to get any more vaccines! I think it totally is a personal choice, so I’m not saying anyone should follow my decisions. But I really can’t justify putting aluminum, formaldehyde or mercury in my child. And some of the vaccines have monkey’s kidney cells or cow’s brain cells. Some vaccines were started with aborted fetus’s. Just gross stuff. Some shots I can wait until she’s older to get, like tetanus. Because babies usually don’t get tetanus. Or Hep B. I don’t think Ella is having sex any time soon! Anywho, I’m glad my doc is on my side about not having her vaccinated. I left out in my last blog that I told her the next time we come in we can try 1 shot and she said no, don’t worry about it. Ella isn’t in daycare and won’t catch the measles from Gymboree. Can I just say one more time how much I love her! Today I worked in Hickory doing a basketball shoot. It was a really hard drive. 1 being that I got up at 6:20 a.m. and the other being that Matt lives/lived close to there. Too many memories and it made me really miss him. I just want 1 hug 😦 The shoot was easy. I got home around 2. Ella was asleep. Mom told me that she was rocking her and she saw our Christmas picture on mom’s dresser. She said, “mommy!” then started blowing kisses at it. Then mom told her that mommy was at work and she said, “mommy work” and blew kisses again. After mom told me this, I had to go cuddle with her. But I woke her up instead and she was mad. I tried for 2 hours to get her to sleep and she refused. So we played and worked on our colors. She now can say: blue, purple, red, yellow and orange. Though she can’t tell you which is which. We are working on that. She also said circle and down today. So that was 9 new words in one day! I can’t get over it. She does know what a circle is and what down meant. She was playing with her kitchen and got bored, so turned around and played with her barn. I was watching from the couch and after about 5 min. with the barn she turned back around to the kitchen. She turned on the toaster radio then went back to playing with the barn. It was too cute! She is such a little person. She had her first time out the other night. It worked too! She kept messing with something on the table and I told her no 3 times. I then put her in timeout for a minute and the rest of the night she didn’t‘ go near the table. Well, I’m going to bed. We’re going to Morgan’s to scrap tomorrow!!! I’m sooo excited! I’m starting her bday book before I go back to 8 months. 🙂


One thought on “Tired

  1. We’re going to have fun, I made muddy buddies! Sorry your broke, I know how bad that sucks. Good thing my scrap stash is giant and we can scrap without spending anything!! See you tomorrow.


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