Went to the doctor

So there is Ella’s video as promised. She was a bit sleepy, so it’s only a few steps. She can walk about 15 steps before falling. But the good news is she goes to something, pulls herself up and tries again.

We slept until 9:30 today! I was very happy! We went to lunch at 5 Guys with mom, then headed to the doctor. Ella is 23 1/2 pounds and 30 3/4 inches. So she’s still in the 90 percentile on both. A big girl! But they said she was proportionate, so nothing to worry about on her diet. She is very healthy other than her eczema and bowel problems. Which is nothing to worry about since the eczema is on her bum and not bothering her. And we got some medicine for the bowel problem since the prunes aren’t working. Ella was showing off for the doctor. She said 2 new words and A LOT of her vocab. Which all of you know, she rarely does in front of an audience or when you want her to. So I was pleased the doc got to witness it instead of thinking I’m one of those mom’s who swears their kid is a genius. Dr. Richter put the stethoscope on Ella’s chest then let her play with it. So Ella put it on the doc’s chest then grabbed it and blew in it. Then she started making it go back and forth saying, “tic toc tic toc.” The doctor was so tickled at her vocab and behavior, she took her to see all the nurses and showed her off. When they came back in, Ella was saying, “book book,” and she had a trash bag with 8 new books for us to keep! How cool is that? She said Ella was talking at a 2 yr. level; the average 1 yr. old usually says one word (besides mom and dad) well. I knew she was advanced in speaking, but I didn’t realize it was that advanced! I didn’t even get into details of all the words Ella has been saying. We then got into temper tantrums and other behaviors and she said we need to treat Ella like she is a 2 yr old. Mentally and emotionally she is already at that level. So we are supposed to start time outs and other disciplinary actions. Like removing her from a situation if she’s not listening. That she understands much more than we think. She said Ella is more than likely going through the terrible two’s now. She told me of a great book to read, “1-2-3 Magic,” so hopefully tomorrow I can go out and pick it up. She said I’m going to have my hands full, because she is going to learn how to play me very early! Which I’m sure she already has and is. But to me, it is great news. I really want her in private school and the smarter she is, the greater chance we’ll get at financial help from the school. She got her finger pricked for the hemoglobin test and to test for lead. Which I’m really glad they are doing! By the way, I’m looking to get the info, but I read in Parents mag. that NC doesn’t have a ban on recalled toys. So if something is recalled, it can still be on shelves! I’ll post some info on how to contact our local legislators if you want to join me. The more we voice our opinions, the more of a chance we have to protect our children! Anywho, off topic I know. Mikey came over for dinner and Ella was a bit cranky. The doc said it looks like she’s about to cut all 4 molars. So that’s why she thinks she has a stuffy nose. But she also said it could be a cold. Tomorrow we are going to Chuck E Cheese if she feels up to it. Hopefully she’ll be rested and in a good mood! Hope everyone had a great day!


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