Yesterday we went shopping with Ella’s birthday money at Southpark. Morgan and Ari met us there. We went to Gymboree to use our Gymbucks. I wasn’t too thrilled with their new spring line. They had some cute stuff, but nothing like last year. And of course they were out of Ella’s size in the stuff I really wanted. I ran into Melissa, an old employee of mine. It seems that a lot of people who used to work for me at Picture People are now at Gymboree. Go figure! We then went to Gap and I was in heaven! I found some of the cutest clothes! I can’t wait till it gets warm so Ella can wear her new dress. I got it in a 2 T so it will be long on her this year and will still fit next year. Ari got fussy in Gap and was done with the mall, so they left and we went and met Melissa and her kids at the food court. She has 4 kids and I don’t know how she does it. They are all wild. I think I’ll stick with just one. So I was really good and only had 1 cigarette. Today I will make sure I don’t have any! I think we are taking it easy today and just hanging around the house. It’s sooo cold outside, I don’t think I want to get out in it. It got down into the teens last night! Well, hope everyone has a great day!


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