My baby is officially a toddler now

I can’t believe one year ago I was in the hospital holding my precious little infant. It doesn’t seem that long ago, yet time has flown by. Today was an awesome day, though the thought of bad weather kept some special people from coming. It kind of stinks that the weather didn’t get bad. I was a bit overwhelmed that there was going to be 24 people, but it turned out to be 14 counting us. Which was perfect! None of my dad’s side of the family came (including him) and my aunt and Ella’s grandparents didn’t make it. But, hopefully we’ll get together soon to celebrate. I was really surprised Ella didn’t devour her cake. She picked at it and didn’t like the way the icing felt on her fingers. And she really didn’t like the taste of the cake or cupcake after I gave her a few bites. Go figure the piggy doesn’t like sweets! There were some amazing pictures taken. All 319 are being uploaded right now. They should be done in 3 hours. Ella’s best friends, Ari and Aiden, were here and they had tons of fun playing together. They really were precious! Ella got a lot of cute stuff and has had fun playing all day. Mom got her a kitchen set and she really likes all the little things on it. We got tons of bath stuff, so we’ll have fun playing in the tub tomorrow! I felt bad she only had a block and foam letter to play with, so I’m glad she has a variety of stuff now. Angela got her this adorable outfit that came with mittens and a hat, which was perfect for the snow flurries we played in later today. And Morgan made wooden letters that spell Ella and a cupcake frame that are gorgeous! You are so talented! So mom and I decided to quit smoking today for Ella. I’ve had 5. I know, I’m bad. But that’s much better than 15! Well, I’m going to go clean up some and let Ella play. If you weren’t able to be here, you missed a great day!


One thought on “My baby is officially a toddler now

  1. It really was a great day, so perfect! Every one seemed like they had a really great time and I’m very glad we were a part of it! I’m happy you like the letters and frame, I was nervous! I can’t wait to see the pictures, call me about tomorrow too.


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