I haven’t felt bloggy lately. There really hasn’t been much new going on. I worked Sat. in Lincolnton for another basketball shoot. I didn’t have an assistant, so it kind of sucked. We had 4 teams back to back for 30 min. and then a 30 min. break. Then on again. Yesterday Morgan and Ari met us at Target and then lunch at Panera bread. I love hanging out with them. The kids play well together and Morgan is awesome! She is a wonderful friend and I love that we both mother our children the same way. It doesn’t help that we have almost everything in common! Mom’s friend Adger came to town Sat. with a handmade toy box for Ella. I was going to take a picture to post, but I’ve been lazy. And I was going to take some new pics of Ella, but like I said, I’ve been lazy. Today I painted the growing tree in Ella’s room. I’m going to measure her every month or so and mark it on the tree. Maybe less, I don’t know yet. Mom finished up the mural. We have 1 wall to finish, but we are going to wait and decide what we want to do. So it’s almost done!!! I went out to the part store to get the last things for the party. There is going to be 21 people if everyone shows up! I really didn’t think that many people would be able to make it, but almost everyone I invited is coming! I then went to Earth Fare to find organic cake mix and found a marble cake. I’m going to make the icing from scratch. I’m excited, though a bit overwhelmed. I hope it’s not too much for the babies and they have fun! Tomorrow we are going to Toys R Us so mom can get Ella a present then I think we are going to take it easy. It’s going to be a busy week. Ella is down to 2 bottles now. She gave up her 2 midday bottles yesterday and hasn’t been fussy about it. She had a tooth on the bottom break through today, so I think that’s why she’s been so fussy the past couple of days. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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