Yea!! I finished my scrapbook!!! I’m about to start sorting my next one. I prob. rushed through my last 3 pages on my old book, but I just wanted to be done and on to more exciting things. I used WAY too many pictures in the last book and want to cut down. I had already laid the pics out on pages, so I was stuck with what to do. Morgan has sparked my creative side and now I’m excited to start trying new things. I get to start the new book at October’s pictures. I bought tons of fall stuff, so I can’t wait to dig into my stash. We went to Gymboree this morning. Ella was a hoot. Every time we would clap and say, “yea” she would wait till everyone was done then shout, “yea!” Today was the first time she ventured out on her own and played with new friends. She usually stays by me and I take her to whatever toy. We’ve been practicing rolling a ball and she did that on her own in class. And she dropped her ball into the bin on her own, which she hasn’t done before. Usually she doesn’t want to let go. She doesn’t have any toys that teach her to do that, so I was happy she learned it somewhere. After class we had brunch at Eddie’s with Morgan, Matt and Ari. Ella ate almost her whole pancake, which is huge! And lots of blueberries. Morgan came home with us to scrap and to go by AC Moore. She had never been before and was in heaven. I wish I wasn’t broke, because there was some great stuff I wanted. It’s sad to say that when I just spent $100 there last week with a gift card. We had a lot of fun. I hope we can do it more! Mom almost finished painting the mural. It is AMAZING! I can’t wait for everyone to see! I need to start working more on my part. Well, I’m going to go play. Have a great night!

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