Baby’s breath

Last night before I went to bed, Ella woke up and was fighting sleep. She kept blowing in my face, a game we started playing, and I realized her baby’s breath is gone! When she was little, every night I would smell her breath because it was the sweetest smell that I never wanted to forget. And now it’s gone! I’m sad 😦 I wrote a poem about it 3 months ago, so I thought I’d post it:

The greatest moments of my day
are lying on the couch
holding your tiny sweaty body against mine.

Inhaling your sweet bitter baby’s breath,
trying to figure out a way to capture the smell
so I never can forget it.

I run my fingers through your
dark, soft, sticky hair
gently grazing your chubby cheeks
and elf ears.

What a pale angelic face you have.

I gaze, wondering what you will look like
when you are older

Your almond eyes,
weighed down into a deep slumber
from your thick, wild eyelashes

Your rosy lips are perfectly pursed.
But sometimes you flick me a smile

So peaceful,
so beautiful.

Your tiny little hands clasp around my arms.
Your right leg wraps around my waist,
holding on
like you savor the moment as I do.

I want to paint this memory on every wall
so when you are older, I will never forget
the sweet smell of baby’s breath,
the gentle innocence
of a small child
that will someday be lost.

I want to hold you like this forever

Michelle Lloyd Oct. 15, 2007

So, it was very sad to realize that I won’t get to smell the scent of baby’s breath anymore. Call me crazy, but there was nothing like it. Things have gone by way too fast. I can’t believe she’s about to be 1. I’m sad that the baby days are gone. She wasn’t little long enough. I guess it’s like a kitten. They are great when they are small, but they turn into cats. Hence the reason I have 4 cats. LOL Ok, enough being dramatic.

I tried to stay in my pj’s all day, but Abby (mom’s dog) opened a ziplock container, containing my smore’s supplies, and ate 10 chocolate squares last night. She started throwing up all day, so we took her in. The vet never called us back to let us know what the blood test said. So we don’t really know what’s going on. We do know she’s getting fluids, so she should be ok. Other than that, we had a uneventful day. We played ball and played with her neurosmith toy. She likes to dance to it. She’s really mad that she can’t get the toys out of it. It’s funny to watch her try to figure it out. Well, I’m off to bed.


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