After the day I’ve had, I’m passing down the nickname “brat” to Ella. It started off by her waking me up at 8 by pulling my hair. I usually put her in her crib until 9 but she screamed as loud as she could, so we got up. She wanted nothing to do with her morning routine. She skipped her nap and was fussy as could be. We went to my last day of physical therapy, which I’m not too happy about. I still have some pain, but the therapist said there wasn’t much more she could do. I don’t believe that, but oh well. So we came home and Ella refused her 2nd nap. She just wanted to scream and fuss. She wasn’t crying, just protesting. I put her in her highchair and she would throw her toys on the floor and fuss when I wouldn’t pick them up. I’d put her on the floor and she’d fuss about something else. There were no tears, just a mean face that was screaming at me. She finally gave up at 9:30 and fell asleep. I’m so beat!


2 thoughts on “Brat

  1. Oh Michelle… I hate that your day was like this. I’m wondering if there is a “terrible 9-10 months” that no one told us about. Ari is doing the EXACT same thing! We’ll talk tomorrow, hope you get some rest tonight!


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